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HiGlue Pipe Thread Sealing Cord 150m

HiGlue Pipe Thread Sealing Cord 150m

• Alternative to the usual pipe sealant, hemp and tape;
• Sealing household and industrial piping systems immediately during assembly (regardless of temperature);
• Can be safely and confidently used with drinking water or waste water (hot or cold), gas or compressed air.
Product Details

Product Description:

HiGlue 55 pipe and threadsealing cord, the ideal choice for a quick, easy and reliable seal.

HiGlue 55 is designed for the sealing of metal and plastic pipes and fittings. It needs no cure time and results in an immediate, full pressure seal.

In comparison to traditional sealing methods the use of HiGlue 55 sealing cord provides:
Clean application – for both the user & the parts
No product wastage on application
No waste on site

Product Features:

Size: 20m, 50m, 80m, 100m, 120m, 150m, 160m etc...

Appreance: white paste cord, which is consist of more than 200 fibers, much stronger and better sealing effect than PTFE tape.

Certificates: CE EN 751-2; MSDS, BS6920, Temperature, TDS.

Working Temperature: -55°C~ +180°C.

Shelf life: 3 years

Your Benefits:

1, Eco-friendly; 

2, Easy to use and disassembly, saves extra time for cleaning and re-sealing;

3, Instant seal pump, valve& faucet, higher flexibility on installation;

4, Impregnated with paste to give a high pressure seal to your pipe thread joints of gas, water& oil;

5. Re-adjusting up to 45 degrees without any fear of leakage;

6, Replace liquid pipe thread sealants: 545, 554, 569& 577;

7, Open to do OEM.


  • Cold water and hot water

  • Potable water

  • Gas (LPG)

  • Pressure up to 16 bar

How To Use:

1. Thread must be cleaned by brush , then wind onto the thread following the direct of the thread.

2. Turns: Refer to the form , if it’s used to the plastic pipe ,30% of the turns added will be recommended regardless the space  of the thread  Cut the string direct by the edge of the packing.

3. It’s very useful when adjust loosen or tighten disassemble and wind up.

Pipe Diameter
Number Of Turns (wraps)
1 1/2"10-1525-35
2 1/2"20-30
3 1/2"30-40


150M pipe sealing cord

Trade Information:

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