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HiGlue Red Liquid High Viscosity Adhesive Glue For Gas Pipe Repair

Anaerobic adhesive is also known as anaerobic adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, thread adhesive, mechanical adhesive.It does not solidify in contact with oxygen or air, and once isolated from the air it rapidly polymerizes into a cross-linked solid polymer.The so-called "anaerobic" refers to the use of the glue does not require oxygen.
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Due to its unique curing characteristics of anaerobic adhesive, it can be used in locking, sealing, fixing, bonding, plugging and other aspects.Anaerobic adhesive has become an indispensable liquid tool in mechanical industry.In aerospace, military, automotive, machinery, electronics, electrical and other industries have a very wide range of applications.


1.Excellent performance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, drug resistance, shock resistance, shock absorption, corrosion resistance, fog resistance and other good performance

2.Adhesive seam overflow does not cure, easy to remove.

3.No solvent, low toxicity, low hazard, no pollution.Widely used, sealing, locking, holding, bonding, plugging and so on can be stored stably, the storage life of glue liquid is generally three years.

How to use

(1) surface treatment

Rust -- oil removal -- cleaning -- drying

Derusting can be carried out by mechanical or chemical methods: oil stains, cleaning with appropriate organic solvents (such as acetone, solvent gasoline) soak cleaning two to three times can be.

(2) apply anaerobic glue, apply a sufficient amount of anaerobic glue to fill the gap.

(3) assembly, should be positioned as soon as possible, after positioning can not move the workpiece.

(4) curing, generally 1 hour anaerobic adhesive can reach the use of strength, 24 hours to reach the maximum strength.


50ml per piece; 

10 pieces per inner box; 

10 inner boxes per outer carton.

Or Packing As Customers Requests.

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