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243 threadlocker is a high strength material for locking studs,bolts,bushes or fasteners. Retains bearings,core plugs,rocker arm and cylinder block studs. Penetrates tiny spaces so is ideal for use as anti-rust agent on metals. Shock and vibration resistant on vehicles,tools,machine and moving parts. Helps prevent leakage and corrosion of threads. Resistant against chemicas,oil,etc.
Product Details

Threadlockers are a strong alternative to mechanical locking devices. Whether permanent or removable, they can lower repair and manufacturing costs by preventing fastener loosening, corrosion and seizing of parts.



1,Fast curing, can be used for insert surface, good resistance to oil.

2,Easy disaemble,can be used for the working surface with slightly oily pollution.

3,Used for sealing screws below M20.


Benefits of HiGlue Threadlocker

1,Locks mating threads to prevent loosening from vibration & shock;

2,Seals against fluids & corrosion;

3,Provides lubricity to achieve controlled torque during assembly;

4,Works on active metals (e.g., brass, copper) as well as passive metals (e.g., stainless steel, plated surfaces);

5,Resists extreme temperatures;

6,Applies easily and cures rapidly.



Package 1Small box10 pieces/box
Package 2Carton10 box/carton
Package 3As customer's requirementsAs customer's requirements

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