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HiGlue Pipe Thread Sealing Cord String Line Length 150m

HiGlue 55 pipe sealing cord is a new designed pipe tread sealing cord. The material is PTFE and nylon, the cord is opaque off-white color. The cord can be safely and confidently used with water (hot or cold), gas, compressed air or other plumbing systems.
Product Details

Pipe sealing cord is design for the locking and sealing of metal and plastic of fittings.

Readjustment and immediately full pressure sealing.

Quick, easy and reliable seal.


Pipe sealing cord is used for gas, LPG, natural gas pipelines, valve installing, industrial. public and house pipeline system(cold water, hot water, heating, potable water), industrial production(pumb, valve, pipe joints etc).

How To Use

1,Roughen the thread with saw-blade of file.

2,Wind onto one of the first pitches of the thread following the thread direction.

3,Cut the HiGlue 55 sealing cord with the incoporated cutting device and press the loose end onto the thread.

4,Screw on and fasten the joint with a pipe wrench. Reposition if necessary.


Package 1One Piece150m/piece
Package 2Box25 pieces/box
Package 3As customer's requirementsAs customer's requirements

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