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HiGlue 55 Pipe Sealing Cord 50M For Water And Gas Leak Fix

HiGlue pipe sealing cord is a new, faster, more versatile pipe sealant which out-dates traditional tapes and hemp/paste combinations. It instantly seals(irrespective of ambient temperature) domestic and industrial pipe systems during assembly. Can be safely and confidently used with drinking or waste water(hot or cold), gas, compressed air, and industrial oils.
Product Details

Instantly seals industrial & domestic pipe systems.

Suitable for metal or plastic pipes.

Can be backed off to line up fittings without causing leakage.


1, pipe sealing cord is a non-curing, coated mutlifilament cord that seals out air and other common gases and fluids.

2,Built-in cutter to easily apply the proper amount of cord.

3,Recommended for sealing metal and plastic tapered pipe threads and fittings.

4,Allows for post assembly adjustments.

How To Use

1,Thread must be cleaned brush, then wind onto the thread following the direct of the thread.

2,Turns: If it's used to the plastic pipe, 30% of the turns added will be recommended regardless.

3,The space of the thread, cut the string direct by the edge of the packing.


Package 1One Piece50m/piece
Package 2Box50 pieces/box
Package 3As customer's requirementsAs customer's requirements

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