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What Is The Difference Between Epoxy Cement And Epoxy Mortar?

Aug 02, 2018

In terms of function, epoxy mortar can be used for extensive repair of wear-resistant floor smoothing repair, foundation reinforcement repair and corrosion prevention.

Epoxy cement and mortar have the same effect, and have the function of bonding steel plate, tile marble, etc. (repair + bonding). Putty is a thick slurry coating that flattens the surface of the wall and is different from mortar cement.

The word "epoxy" is used to indicate that there is epoxy resin in the composition of the product, so the strength of the product will be higher and have a certain waterproof effect.

In terms of composition, epoxy mortar, epoxy cement, and epoxy putty are all filled. Epoxy mortar is mainly fine sand filler, and epoxy cement is mainly powdery filler.