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Polyurethane Foam Rubber Market Prospects

Aug 02, 2018

Since the introduction and application of 2000 products in China, its market demand has expanded rapidly. The annual consumption of the national construction market in 2009 has exceeded 80 million cans. With the improvement of building quality requirements and the promotion of energy-saving and consumption-reducing buildings, such products The usage will continue to grow steadily.

At present, the formulation and production technology of this type of product have been fully mastered in China, and a fluorine-free foaming agent that does not destroy the ozone layer is generally used, and a product of pre-foaming (1) has been developed. In addition to some manufacturers still use imported valve accessories, other supporting raw materials have been domestically produced.

Remarks: (1) The so-called pre-foaming is that 80% of the polyurethane foaming agent has been foamed after spraying, and the amount of foaming in the back is small, so that the workers can grasp the hand well when using the foaming gun. The strength of the force is simple and convenient, and does not waste glue, which greatly saves the cost. After foaming, the gradual thickening of the glue is several times thicker than when it is shot. This makes it difficult for the worker to grasp the strength of the trigger on the hand, and it is easy to waste the glue, at least 1/3 of the waste, and then the expansion. After the glue is cured, it is easy to squeeze the doors and windows.