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AB Glue Use Method

Aug 02, 2018

1. The adherend is cleaned at room temperature (25 ° C), then the A glue and the B glue are overlapped by a visual 1:1 ratio or the A glue is applied to one of the adhesive parts, and the other glued part is coated with the B glue. Then stick together and fix for 5-10 minutes after 2-3 times of running-in.

2. Clean the adherend at room temperature (25 ° C), then mix the A glue and B glue with a plastic material piece in a visual 1:1 ratio, apply it to the surface to be bonded within 3 minutes, and fix it 5- It can be positioned in 10 minutes. The glue can reach 50% of the highest strength after 30 minutes of bonding. It can reach the highest strength after 24 hours, and can be used in the environment of -60 °C - 100 °C.

Note that the glue should not be mixed in large quantities at the time of use. It should be kept well ventilated. There is acrylate smell in the glue. Do not enter the mouth. Do not allow children to touch. Do not cover the rubber cap after use.