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AB Glue Performance Introduction

Aug 02, 2018

The A component is an acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy resin, or contains a catalyst and other auxiliary agents, the B component is a modified amine or other hardener, or contains a catalyst and other auxiliary agents, and is mixed according to a certain ratio, and the catalyst can be controlled. Curing time, other additives can control properties (such as viscosity, steel, flexibility, adhesion, etc.), the performance of AB glue sold on the market has been determined in the formula, generally no change, there must be a big change, Need to be customized to the manufacturer.

The modified acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy adhesive has the characteristics of fast drying. After A\B is mixed, it will dry out at 25 degrees for 5 minutes. The higher the temperature, the shorter the drying time, which can bond plastic to plastic and plastic. Metal, metal and metal, peeling after bonding requires tool or hot melt separation, plastic and plastic bonding effect is very good, almost equivalent to the strength of ABS, widely used in hand-made production improvement.

Epoxy resin AB glue is a two-component epoxy resin. It has anti-yellowing effect, even in vertical, in addition to the high bonding strength, high hardness and high chemical resistance of general epoxy resin. The surface or ceiling of the ceiling is not sag, and it is dry and solid, safe and environmentally friendly.