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What curing forms does the adhesive have?

Aug 02, 2018

In order to accelerate the curing process, the adhesive is often used in four heat curing forms.

(1) High-frequency heat curing, which is suitable for welding of wood, plywood, polyvinyl chloride, plastic bonding and sealing with hot melt adhesive.

(2) Curing of radiation (electron rays, ultraviolet rays, etc.) can shorten the curing time and improve the bonding strength.

(3) Microwave heating and curing, after being glued by the bonding member, it is solidified by absorbing the heat generated by the microwave in a sealed metal box, and is suitable for bonding of complicated parts.

(4) Ultrasonic heating and solidification, that is, the mechanical friction and elastic behavior of the bonded portion caused by ultrasonic vibration, so that the adhesive melting well is solidified, which is suitable for bonding small parts.