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Polyurethane foam rubber safety precautions

Aug 02, 2018

Uncured foam is sticky to the skin and clothing, so do not touch the skin and clothing when using it.

There is a pressure of 5-6kg/cm2 (25°C) in the polyurethane foam sealant tank. The temperature during storage and transportation should not exceed 50°C to prevent the tank from blasting.

Polyurethane foam sealant tanks should be protected from direct sunlight. Children should not be allowed to touch. Empty tanks after use, especially polyurethane foam sealant tanks that have not been used up partially, should not be littered. It is forbidden to burn or puncture empty cans.

Keep away from open flames and do not touch flammable or explosive materials.

The construction site should be provided with ventilation conditions. Construction workers should wear work gloves, overalls and goggles during construction, and do not smoke.

In case the foam touches your eyes, rinse with water and go to the hospital for medical treatment. If you touch the skin, rinse with water and soap.