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How to accurately find the glue you need?

Aug 02, 2018

1. The material of the substrate you need to bond: such as the bonding of the same material, the bonding between different materials, etc.;

The so-called materials, generally have metal, wood, plastic, fabric, etc.; the same metal has a variety of categories, such as iron, steel, copper, etc.; plastic is more, so please try to specify the need to bond Material, which is critical for which adhesive to use.

2. Your requirements for the bonding process:

For example, the requirements for the operability of the glue; the requirements for the viscosity and fluidity; the requirements for the sizing method; the requirements for the color of the glue; the requirements for the curing conditions of the glue (heat curing, room temperature curing, UV curing...); Requirements...

3. Your requirements for the performance of the glue after curing:

For example, various performance requirements after curing: strength, heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, electrical properties, thermal shock resistance, aging properties...