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Epoxy resin AB glue chemistry

Aug 02, 2018

Epoxy resin AB glue is a general term for three-dimensional crosslinked curing compounds in a molecular structure containing two or more epoxy groups and under appropriate chemical reagents and suitable conditions. Many, according to the chemical structure, can be divided into glycidyl ethers, glycidyl esters, glycidylamines, alicyclic epoxy resins, inorganic epoxy resins, new epoxy resins (hydan epoxy resin, Imide epoxy resin, etc.). Among all kinds of epoxy resins, bisphenol A epoxy resin is one of the largest and most widely used varieties. According to its molecular weight, it can be divided into low, medium, high, ultra high molecular weight epoxy resin (polyphenol oxy resin). Low molecular weight resins can be cured at room temperature or elevated temperature, but high molecular weight epoxy resins must be cured at elevated temperatures, while ultrahigh molecular weight polyphenolic resins do not require a curing agent to form a tough film at high temperatures.

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