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AB glue dispensing system

Aug 02, 2018

AB glue has a high bonding strength, but there are also some shortcomings, such as long curing time, uneven mixing by hand, poor curing, and relatively heavy odor. At present, there is a set of quick dispensing system that can be solved. This system has been popularized abroad, and it has not been popularized in China. Most people use traditional methods for dispensing glue. This system is mainly composed of three large pieces of glue gun, two-component syringe and mixing tube. The glue factory uses a two-component syringe to pre-package the AB glue in the AB glue syringe. When it is used, it is placed on the glue gun, and then the mixing tube is connected to the top of the glue outlet, using the mixing page inside the mixing tube. The two kinds of glue mixing tubes are evenly distributed (usually after 7 knots, the use is mostly 17 knots, the mixing effect is quite several hundred times that of manual), and the glue is applied to the parts to be bonded. The general dispensing system is the AB glue used for the filling, not the bonded AB glue.