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HiGlue Strong Adhesion Injection Epoxy Anchor ,drill And Epoxy Anchor Bolts

Inject epoxy anchor is two-component epoxy product,with strong adhesion,room temperature curing,it has excellent anti-aging,shock resistance properties in self-adhesion and mutual adhesion of steel and concrete,with high sher rate,used for seismic reinforcement of many buildings.
Product Details


■  Steel and anchor in concrete constructions.

■  Bracket fixing.

■ Construction reinforcement anchoring.

■ Machines fixing

■ Steel structures and concrete structures.

■ Rebuilding and expansion projects.

■ Structural insulating board and barrier fixing


◆  High bonding strength,good flexible performance similar as embedded;

◆  Ageing resistance,good heat tolerance and does not creep at ambient temperature;

◆  Low sensitivity in moist condition with long term load stability;

◆  Acid-resistant,good shock,resistance,stress-free fixed;

◆  Good thixotropy, particularly applicable to the sides or top surface anchoring;

◆  Two-cylinder direct-mix package,with a dedicated glue gun without manual mixing.

How to use



360ml per piece;

20 piece per box.

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