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HiGlue Super Glue 480 Black Liquid Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive For Metal, Rubber And Plastics

HiGlue 480 is a one-component, medium viscosity, fast curing cyanoacrylate adhesive.The products are specially designed for increased flexibility and peel strength.Low odor, no bleaching, toughened, slow curing instant dry adhesive.Glue tightly fixed or pre-assembled parts.Suitable for bonding aluminum and aluminum, iron and plastics, with 770 treating agent.
Product Details

color: black liquid

component: single component

curing time: initial solid 60 seconds/full full solid 24hours.

viscosity: 100/200mPa.s


HiGlue 480 can be used for large area metal material bonding, which can provide a good solution for metal bonding. In addition, HiGlue 480 can easily bond plastic or elastomer materials.


1: medium viscosity;

2: Rubber enhanced;

3: impact resistance, vibration resistance, good peeling resistance and heat resistance.

4: no need for complex ventilation systems.

How to use

1:First clean then the surface,remove the dust, grease, rust, etc; 

2:Butt metal, the best first grinding,PE,PP, or PTFE plastic,should first make the surface activation;

3:Open the front cover and gently button the tip with your finger to leave no residual liquid, and then cut out the holes ;

4:Drop a small drop of adhesive on the surface to be followed,immediately followed,and maintain until hardening, then the area should not be too large, then the thickness of the layer should not exceed 0.2mm;

5:Wipe the container after use and cover it. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate.


Package 1one piece50ml,50ml, etc.
Package 2inner box10 pieces
Package 3outer carton10 inner boxes
Package 4or packing as customer requests

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