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HiGlue 502 Super Glue

Super glue is a kind of instant adhesive, fast curing and high viscosity, a good DIY repair tool. 3g/piece 12pieces/card 200cards/box(It also can be designed as customer's requirements). And keep out of reach of children.
Product Details

This kind of super glue is used as the repair tool instant adhesive.

Main material cyanoacrylate, transparent and rapid curing adhesive.

Widely used as DIY craft tool, it can be used for rubber, metal, plastic, wood and so on.

Factory price and fast shipping are our advantages.



The super glue is a liquid adhesive which bond in seconds and reaches extremely strong bond strength at room temperature. Suitable for repairing all materials such as wood, rubber, plastic, metal, ceramic, leather and marble except polyethylene, polypropylene, teflomand porous surfaces. Good choice as DIY craft tool.


How To Use

1.Both surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry, and free of oil.

2.Carefully pierce end of tube by tightening the cap enclosed.

3.Apply carefully to avoid spilling.

4.Apply on one surface. Only one drop per square inch.

5.Place in desired position immediately. Apply slight pressure for ten seconds or until bond sets.

6.Clean away the excess adhesive from finger or container with tissue paper.



Package 1 Small box 25 pieces/box
Package 2 Big box 200 pieces/box
Package 3 As customer's requirements As customer's requirements
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